Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Secular Holiday Charity Drive

Congratulations Humanists! The secular holiday charity drive was a great success! Our final tally was L$52,708.00 or $184.30 US. I rounded this up to $200 US and sent in our donation to Oxfam International today! We should be getting a card back from them soon, which I will digitize and share with you.

Here are some things that our $200 may have bought to help make a difference around the world (from the Oxfam website):
We may have provided a family with 4.5 sheep, 2 cows, or 1 camel

We may have planted 333 trees

We may have paid for the irrigation of a farmer’s field for 1.5 years

We may have started two small businesses

We may have bought 6 desks for a local school

We may have paid for 6 community members to receive gender rights training
Each of those things would be covered by $200 US. Thank you thank you thank you for helping to make a difference this holiday season and show that Humanists will step up to the plate and show our compassion in practical ways. I’m so proud to be a part of this group!

A happy and peaceful new years to you and yours!