Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Interesting News Items

Posted by Torin Golding

Here are two posts from around the web that may be of interest:

The first concerns a "debate" happening tonight at the British Council in the UK. Two public figures put forward a short response to the question "Is religion a threat to rationality and science?", pro and con. I'll follow up with the actual debate transcript if I can find it. Is religion a threat to rationality and science? from the Guardian

The second post is one of hopefully many rebuttals to the Ben Stein Creationist movie that is now open in the US (and that has bought a lot of air time for commercials- someone is funding this stinker). Paul Abrams over at the Huffington Post writes a very concise and very hard hitting attack on Stein's film and tactics. Creationist Movie "Expelled" with Ben Stein: A Blasphemy to Nazi-Resister Teachers from the Huffington Post


Monday, April 14, 2008

Lazy Article on 'The Dangers of Dawkins'

Posted by Torin Golding

Guardian Article

As the case with most of these type of articles, the real meat is in the comments section, where in my opinion the posters do a good job of pointing out Ravenhill's disingenuousness.