Friday, June 8, 2007

Currently the most ridiculus thing in SL:


You thought it was SL performance issues, or the fact that LL customer service does not exist??

This was seen on SL Exchange.

The asking price: L$6000000- which translates to over 22 THOUSAND US DOLLARS (one and a half times the price of a modest sized car in the US).

The seller says it took him weeks to do with sculpties. Uh huh......

And that's worth 22 THOUSAND US DOLLARS???

The seller's comment about the sticker price seems to suggest they know how much L$6000000 is.

22 THOUSAND US DOLLARS for something that after one server burp can go *poof* and there is nothing you can do about it!

22 THOUSAND US DOLLARS would buy you 13 islands in SL, for a total of about 852 thousand sq. m. of land!

22 THOUSAND US DOLLARS would also buy one island and cover all fees for four straight years!

22 THOUSAND US DOLLARS would feed 1650 children in Malawi for a month, according to Oxfam

22 THOUSAND US DOLLARS would also provide fresh water to 782 villages in Africa, according to Oxfam again.


(and i'm still unclear how buying this contributes to fulfilling any "greater goals of Virtual Education"... )